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We understand that as you grow older, the need to rely on external help becomes more substantial. We also understand that this condition might evoke embarrassment.


In order to help you preserve your independence, we at Stride designed a new lifestyle for you. Our new line of adjustable and accessible walkers encapsulates both the knowledge of our medical experts and the refined taste of our designers so you can continue living your life in your own way.



     Our new collection of wooden walkers was made to echo the richness of nature. Curved in wood into slick lines, our new models were designed with cutting-edge technology and with your comfort in mind.


View our catalog to see the full variety of walkers in different colors and shapes that Stride has to offer.


Our Promise

        In order to help you adapt as smoothly as possible to the Stride lifestyle, our team of devoted experts will deliver and assemble your order at the comfort of your own home. 


        Also, all of Stride’s base products come with a warranty for life. In case you encounter a problem with one of our products, our experts will deliver a new one and collect the old one for you.


These services are offered to you completely free of charge. Yes, completely free. We see these services as an important component of the Stride experience and will proudly support our members.

Click here in order to schedule a service. 



        Her name is Sara Brudersohn and she is my grandmother.

        The first time she took me to a concert of the Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra I was barely 9 years old. I started playing the piano just a few months earlier, so this experience left a strong impression on me. Soon after she purchased an annual membership for the both of us.

        I never performed in public, the piano was my private pleasure. Occasionally it was so for my parents or brothers too, but for my grandmother is was an absolute delight. She was my biggest fan. As the years went by we grew closer. Except for the concerts of classical music in the Tel-Aviv Culture Palace, we also had our theatre shows, awarded European movies and busy conversations over a cup of cappuccino (in particular she loved telling the story of how the first Minister of Defense flirted with her as a young shopkeeper).

        With age my grandmothers hearing became impaired. It became more difficult to communicate with her, in spite of her attempts to pretend she understands every single word spoken around her. And so she got a hearing aid. Soon after, however, she removed it and went back to pretending. She was embarrassed wearing it.

        My care for my grandmother sent me searching for a solution. Not only for her, but for every person who is feeling embarrassed by his or her loss of independence. This is how Stride came to be. A brand that strives to turn our members' dependent reality into a stylish and independent one, so none of them, nor does my grandmother, have to feel embarrassed again.


Ben Peleg
Founder and Creative Director, Stride.


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Or visit our store at 457 W Broadway, New York, NY 10012

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